- Where can I find pictures of the Pub Crawls?
Check out our Facebook Page for all the pictures!

- What is Pub Crawl MTL?
We are Montreal's first organized bar and nightclub crawl. Pub Crawl MTL brings you to 2 bars and 2 nightclubs in one night. It is designed to make it easy to meet new people and have a fun night. It is a great way to experience some of the best venues that Montreal's nightlife has to offer.

- When is the Pub Crawl?
We run twice a week on a Fridays and Saturdays starting at 9:45 PM.

- Where do we meet?
At the first bar of the Crawl, La P'tite Grenouile, 3435 Saint-Laurent close to the Saint-Laurent metro station.

- Do I need to book online?
When you book online you get a discounted price of $28 compared to booking in person which will cost you $30.

- What does my $28 (online) or $30 (in-person) include?
This amount includes your tour of 3 bars and 1 club, coupons for a free shot, drink or beer at each venue we visit, your Pub Crawl MTL bracelet which gives you rebates on drinks, and of course the VIP treatment at every bar or nightclub, meaning you don't do any line-up and don't pay any cover (usually around 15-20$ for the nightclubs). This amount doesn't include the bartenders' tips (see below).

- Why do we need to tip?
Overall, waiters and bartenders are not paid very well in Canada and many of them rely on tips. It is customary to tip approximately 15% on the total bill before tax. We suggest you tip at least $1 for the free drinks you receive using your Pub Crawl MTL coupons.

- Do I really need to bring my ID?
Yes. You will definitely be denied entrance at most bars if you do not have a valid government ID.

- Why does the Pub Crawl start at 9:45PM?
Because unfortunately every bar and nightclub closes at 3:00AM in Montreal and if we want to have enough time to enjoy every venue this is the perfect starting time.

- Why is there a dress code?
Most Montreal nightclubs require a casual dress code, entrance can be refused by the bouncers if they judge you are not dressed well enough.

- How many people normally attend?
Our crowd size varies each week, averaging 40-50 most weeks.

- Do I have to be 18 years old to be allowed to join?
Yes, you have to be 18 and above to join the Pub Crawl.

- Can I join the Pub Crawl MTL team?
Yes, we are always on the lookout for great guides to help us run our multiple Crawls! Send us an email at contact@pubcrawlmtl.com with a short presentation letter, resume and photo...who knows, you might be the next Pub Crawl MTL superstar 😉